Our Purpose

Formed to assist other local bodies as they work to enhance the quality of life for Miamisburg residents, the Miamisburg Community Foundation is a non-profit corporation focusing on charitable, cultural, environmental, and recreational opportunities. The Foundation is an independent 501c3 operating under the direction from a board of trustees, in partnership with the City. Over the years, the community foundation has played an integral part in many of the iconic Miamisburg elements, such as the Welcome to Miamisburg Mural, Canal Run Dog Park, the Miamisburg Bicentennial and more. We invite you to join the efforts by learning more about the Foundation and considering donating.


Special Projects

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Current Projects

For over 20 years, the City of Miamisburg has been working on plans to make investments in two if its signature parks. These projects have been identified through strategic plans, surveys and community input as key places to invest into the future of the community. Riverfront park and Sycamore Trails park, each with their own character, attraction and purpose are landmarks within the community that demonstrate how a vibrant park system adds to the community as a whole. The vision for these parks is to be a hum of activity, for residents and families, that would supplement a bustling downtown and vibrant community.

Today, we have an opportunity to deliver on this vision.

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Past Successes

Check out past projects completed by the Miamisburg Community Foundation.

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